En Master Protection Security Inc. Establishing its professional staff in 2004, it provides you with guidance, consultancy and audit services by making the security risk analysis of your living and spaces, with the understanding of the best and quality service, not the biggest in the security sector, by creating the maximum security chain that needs to be implemented.

En Master Protection Security Inc. as ISO 9001-2000 Standards in accordance with the law numbered 5188, with our professional management staff and trained security personnel, to ensure that you are in a peaceful and safe environment, it provides 24/7 service.


En Master Protection Security Inc. has proven its quality and continues on its way since the day it was founded with the vision of the leader in its sector. It successfully demonstrates this vision with the importance it attaches to the understanding of quality and education with each passing day, and the seriousness required by the sector.


En Master Protection Security Inc. In order to ensure the continuity of your peace and security, it has made it its mission to offer you the best by adapting all international developments in the field of security to the conditions of our country. It is on its way without compromising this mission with its openness to innovation, the importance it gives to business discipline and the value it gives to people.


We exist for sustainable development and social responsibility.

We believe in open and effective communication.

We are customer oriented.

We aim for excellence in quality.

We are innovative.

We embrace change.

We owe our success to our employees.

We continue our tradition of large inherited companies.

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