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Construction Site Security

Our company, which specializes in construction safety and construction site safety, is a company that successfully meets the construction site security services of facilities and industrial establishments such as bridges, roads, dams, ports, oil facilities, mass housing, shopping centers, factories, hospitals, schools, in which the construction industry operates.

En Master Protection Security Inc. In the security activities in which it is involved in both the public construction sector and the private construction sector, it has adopted the principle of determining the necessary feasibility status and risk analyzes and creating the necessary private security strategies following the construction phase of the building after the survey and project phase.

construction safety

Construction site and construction safety

With the aim of protecting both life safety and construction materials and equipment from crimes and acts such as theft, looting, sabotage, and damage to property, Tr Master Protection Security A.Ş. Some of the issues that we pay attention to in the construction and site safety services provided by our company are as follows;

By providing the survey of the site, the boundaries of the work area and the construction site should be determined, the entrance and exit points to the site should be kept under control, and measures should be taken to ensure the environmental safety of the construction site.

The type and route of the construction perimeter fence should be determined and routine patrol services should be provided in these areas.

It should be checked by taking into account the construction site power line and the security systems that will work with electricity.

Infrastructure lines of the construction site should be investigated, even internet connections should be checked if necessary in terms of water, telephone and security.

The places to be reserved for vehicles such as car park, repair shop, spare parts warehouse, roads inside the construction site and the work machines to be used in the construction site should be checked.

It should be learned how many workers and technical personnel will work at the construction site on average, how many of them will stay at the construction site, and the rest facilities, cafeteria, canteen, undressing, dormitory, toilet places, if any, lodgings for the workers should be determined, and necessary security controls should be applied for these places.

Periodic controls should be made by determining all installations, sewerage and septic tanks.

The locations of fixed facilities such as concrete plant, tower, crane, weighbridge, garbage and waste material collection points should be determined and kept under security.

The insurance hospital to be applied for in case of work accidents, the nearest polyclinic and pharmacy to go in case of emergency should be determined.