Vale Parking

Valet Parking Services

We provide services to our customers with the protection of valuables in the vehicle, the loss of time, the trouble of searching for a parking place, and many services in the shopping malls, night clubs, invitations and all points visited by vehicle.

Valet Parking Services and our responsibilities

• All vehicles arriving at the venue are welcomed.

• Our guests are asked whether they can benefit from the valet service.

• Our guests who want to take advantage of the valet service will have their car parked in the nearest place after a barcode is issued and a copy is given to the guest.

• Wheelchair is brought according to the condition of our guest.

• If our guest does not want to get valet service, they are directed to the parking lot.

• Incoming guests are directed to the section they want to go to.

• If our guest is disabled, he is directed to the disabled parking lot and necessary assistance is provided.

• If our disabled guest is unable to park, they are picked up by the valet at the door, parked and delivered again.

• In order not to waste time for our guests who check in urgently, service is provided only by picking up their vehicle and towing it to a suitable place.

• Official institution vehicles are welcomed and parked by showing the place. It gives information to the necessary place in order to get information about the guest it brings and provide assistance.

• Valet teams welcome guests with a smiling face.

• It helps them to get out of the vehicle, opens the doors of all passengers, and safely receives the vehicle with the vehicle delivery receipt.

Vehicle Delivery Process

• The vehicle is brought back as soon as possible by checking the receipt.

• The doors of all passengers are opened, and if they have any belongings, they are helped to get into their vehicles safely.

• No fee is charged for the entrance and exit of our guests on the same day.

If our departing guest is unable to drive, he or she is left to their destination by valet.