Yakın Koruma

Vehicle and Vehicleless Close Protection

Our goal with our close protection service is to keep individuals under threat from any angle safe. These individuals; They are people with completely different daily lives and tempos, such as celebrities, senior executives, politicians, businessmen. En Master Protection Security Inc. It is one of the few companies that provides professional services in the field of Tr Master and close protection to businessmen and artists visiting Turkey.

We begin to provide this service, first by examining the risks and threats that the person may face.

We know that the risk level of each of our customers is different. After this review, we define the responsibilities and duties of the close protection unit and train them in accordance with these responsibilities and duties.

Among the trainings we provide to our close protection officers, we can list the following: Firearms, close unarmed combat, tactical driving, first aid, escort, screening and control in crowds, explosive material controls with electronic devices. In addition to these trainings, our teams that will provide close protection services also learn how to inspect a facility or meeting place before the person they are guarding arrives, to identify entry and exit points, and to identify weak points in terms of security.